With the launch of its latest feature Instagram Reels, Instagram is again on par with its competitors, namely TikTok. But the popularity of this new feature and the new algorithm has raised more confusion amongst content creators than ever before. What should you do to create reels in line with Instagram’s new algorithm? How can you create content that brings more attention to your brand and even help you earn more money?

How can I make Instagram Reels?

If you are already familiar with TikTok, creating an Instagram reel should be no problem at all. Simply go to your Instagram camera and press and hold the capture button to film your video. Instagram also provides a variety of editing options to choose from. Explore your options and make your reel suitable for your page and audience.

Who is this Feature Ideally for?

The short answer is it is for everybody. Yes, everybody! If you want your content to be seen and appreciated, all you have to do is make a public account and get creative! Whether you are filming your pets getting along or you are sharing behind-the-scenes production footage from your latest projects, the goal is to remain genuine, original, and true to yourself, your brand, and your reputation.

How do I stay in line with the Algorithm and Bring in More Views?

Staying on the right side of Instagram’s algorithm is an essential part of ensuring your reels reach a greater audience. You just have to make sure that your content is high-quality, not watermarked, and doesn’t contain any political content. 

Another crucial step is making sure your Instagram reels not only receive a large number of likes and views but also have a record of a healthy creator-viewer relationship. This means the number of people you reply to via tags, comments, and DMs, the number of people who like and save your post all play an important role in increasing your engagement status. The higher your engagement, the more likely the algorithm recommends your reels to other people’s feeds. Now is the right time to start buying Instagram reels likes and Instagram reels views to ensure your reels have a healthy and organic engagement record.

Keep in mind that the greater the number of people who watch your entire reel, the more likely your other reels are to get recommended to them. So create your content accordingly.

What do I need to be Eligible to earn money from Instagram Reels?

All you need is a business or creator Instagram account and have access to the program. After you’ve made up your mind regarding which reels you would like to have included in the program, you are ready to share and upload your content. To make a reel eligible for the payment, click on the ‘Reels Play Bonus’ from the bonus page. Instagram gives you a total of thirty days to get started with the program. Once you have begun, you will have thirty days to earn the bonus. The best part is you can use as many reels as you would like to be eligible for this bonus. Create away!