Examples of Top Brands Practicing Influencer Marketing on TikTok

Influencers are known as people who have the ability to influence other people’s actions through their social media content. What brands need the most is this same kind of power to compel their audience to take the desired action via their posts. Because they share the same interests, you can see many brands approaching influencers on TikTok to collaborate. This partnership helps both parties to grab the attention of their target audience and builds their credibility.

You also see that many accounts choose to buy TikTok followers to let the algorithm take their posts to the For You Page. But we would recommend you should prefer to collaborate with these popular creators and influencers. And if you still have any confusion, you can keep reading this article to learn about brands that have established their business via influencer marketing on TikTok and are still doing.


Falling sick at holiday or events takes away all your fun. But Mucinex’s campaign #TooSickToBeSick taught its users that this shouldn’t happen.

The campaign was run In 2019 when both Halloween and the flu season were existing at the same time. With the help of different influencers, Mucinex created videos of them waking up as zombies who then took Mucinex. Not long after that, they were all dressed up for the Halloween party. 

This campaign also gave others an idea of how to make their content go viral while collaborating with different influencers at a time. 


The video entitled GRWM (get ready with me) of Lumineux captured the attention of many viewers. With simple editing, the creator made it consumable for her audience. Whereas the message was delivered directly by showing off the product features and its result. The promotion wasn’t kept hidden, and it made the audience clearly understand the purpose.

Too Faced

This cosmetics brand surged in popularity after the launch of Damn Girl Mascara. Their first TikTok video featured a vloggerand TikTok influencer, Kristen Hancher. She recorded a video of herself singing with and without the Too Faced’s Damn Girl Mascara. This influencer’s bare-faced and mascara on eyelashes helped create product awareness among the brand’s audience. And videos with #TFDamnGirl gained more than 800 million views without buying TikTok views.


Guess the denim and lifestyle brand began to rise in popularity after creating its branded hashtag challenge #InMyDenim. This challenge was begun by the videos of TikTok influencers who shared their videos of transformation using Guess’s apparel. They appeared to be disheveled in the first part, and the next moment they were all ready, flaunting their Guess’s denim. This challenge attracted the viewers to share personal transformation videos with the #InMyDenim hashtag. 

Red Bull

Red Bull has now been a well-established and famous brand around the world. One of their recent videos features a smaller-scale Tiktoker Keeoh. The video hasn’t made any direct promotion of their product; rather, it was kept simple yet entertaining.

Keeoh made the viewers think that he is doing a magic trick with Red Bull by pouring it into a travel mug and then flipping it upside down without any traces of the drink. Just when the viewer was wondering how it disappeared, one of his friends popped up from behind the table and everybody knew what had happened.


The brands we have named here are only a few. If you keenly follow social media, you will know about several brands that have grown their audience via the same tactic. Hence, if you also want to drive huge traffic to your website, start looking for a professional and compatible TikTok influencer for yourself.